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This is a New Co created for the research, the development and the commercialisation of state of the art technologies and of their use, with the intent of improving any possible aspect of life.

Currently, we are initialising the commercialisation of two new systems.

NIVE AIR has been studied, designed and created by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). It has been used for a few decades to allow the breathing of totally pure air to astronauts in orbiting space shuttles.


This technology uses the irradiation of UVC rays on a surface of titanium oxide, doped with nano molecules in a composition by quantity, size and density (trade secret) of various metals, among which rhodium, gold, silver, copper and a new molecule of zinc, spread (by means of nano technologies) with a gel of condensed and demineralised, totally pure water, which is therefore lacking any form of electromagnetic charge.


This action, called hydrated photocatalytic oxidation, activates a process that purifies the air, sterilising it by means of the production of species that are reactive to ROS oxygen (Reactive Oxygen Species), until saturation, destroying any bacteria, viruses, fungi, micro and macro organisms by means of over 180 different aggression modalities; it also sterilises the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).


This technology is obviously harmless for any life form; on the contrary, it is beneficial, as it reproduces the exact mechanism of air purification that takes place during storms, which are commonly known to purify the air of our atmosphere. Indeed, NASA scientists took inspiration from these very phenomena.


Our aim is to make this technology available by means of studying the environments that need sterilising; we can do this by starting from the identification and quantification of the bacterial load, in order to destroy it using the various types of tools we have.



Our other product, called BioAkt, an anti microbic metabolic substratum, is a disinfectant for surfaces. It is completely non-toxic and bio-compatible, but it does have such a strong disinfectant power to attack and destroy any bacterial and viral form faster than ever before.

Just for the sake of clarification, it is 3 times more effective than chlorine, 1.5 more effective than ozone.


In this case, in order to sterilise surfaces in a way that is bio compatible and completely harmless for any living being, after analysing the bacteria and the viruses, we thought of adopting the trojan horse strategy.


Indeed, we managed to weakly bind a silver ion in citric acid, although both of them have positive electric charge, finding a stable balance. It is the very creation of this balance, unthinkable so far, the real trade secret.

Viruses and bacteria are notoriously attracted to citric acid, which is essential for most of their vital functions. Thus, immediately ingurgitating and absorbing the molecule, after having mixed up the citric acid, they activate the silver ion, which immediately disintegrates the DNA helicoidal chains, by means of breaking up the nitrogen chain that keeps them bound, therefore destroying the RNA as well.


As mentioned above, though extremely anti-bacterial and virucidal, our product is absolutely harmless for any living being.


Last but not least, since the disinfecting purpose of the product is of a mechanical type, it remains active on surfaces for about 18 hours.


Our aim is to market the product in all areas that are sensitive to disinfection, avoiding the use of poisonous and toxic or irritating substances, which are present in almost every product sold at present.



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